Handbook for Humans

Brain shortcuts and how to beat them: the missing manual

Everyone has a brain, and here’s the missing manual—the one they forgot to give you in school. Thankfully, understanding human psychology doesn’t have to be brain surgery. Instead of technical language, Handbook for Humans offers a simple visual guide to your most important personal tech device: our brains. It takes a fun and simple approach to understanding human nature through intuitive analogies, thought experiments, and over 200 illustrations.

By getting to know your brain, you’ll better understand yourself, other people, and the complex modern world. Along the way, you’ll learn to think smarter, become better at finding facts, make better decisions, and avoid common thinking shortcuts.

On this fascinating journey into the human mind, you’ll:

  • Find out why people think and behave the way they do
  • Recognize and dodge brain shortcuts to improve your critical thinking skills
  • Learn the tricks people use to manipulate you and how to avoid them
  • Distinguish fact from fiction to avoid misinformation from social and partisan media
  • See how algorithms hack your mind and how to defend yourself
  • Gain freedom of thought to build a better world

Isn’t it time that we all better understood ourselves and the world around us? Handbook for Humans will finally show you how.

Handbook for Humans is available now on Amazon in both B&W and color paperback editions. Get yours today and learn how to beat brain shortcuts and defend yourself from manipulation.

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